Sara Ferrer

Sara Ferrer's practice is based on addressing the physical and emotional, conscious and unconscious crossover relationship between human and non-human species with the water and the underwater world.


In her investigation, arising predominantly from an oceanic imaginary, she uses diverse processes, objects and materials to speculate and interpret through an aesthetic simplicity, the complexity of the emotions that embody the consequences of social and personal values, questioning the hidden ambiguity in everyday actions.


 Sara´s experience as a scuba diver has also driven her work to an ethical concern that arises from the protection of this cartographic space, the Ocean, as an abstract form that has been retendered to sovereign and mercantile exploitation, and of water as the main resource for social and personal memory, to understand the past and think towards the future.


Born in Madrid, she lives and work in Berlin since 2012. She was awarded at the 7ª Edition of the Contemporary Talents Award by the François Schneider Foundation in France. She studied Fine Arts in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where she also founded the project Multiculturart, pioneer at that time in teaching languages through art and theater, supported by the Arts Council of England. Later she specialised in Technical Theater at the Center for Technology of Performing Arts and in Sculpture at the School of Art and Design La Palma in Madrid, finishing her studies winning the extraordinary Award Aurelio Blanco.










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